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What's New

  • A total of 130010 public and 2109 private logs have been uploaded to the analyzer since February 2010.
  • 30-Mar-2020 - Updated to handle new condor log date format (YYYY-MM-DD).
  • 11-Feb-2010 - Updated parser to deal with Windows-generated logs with CR-LF line endings.
  • 8-Feb-2010 - Added log sorting to deal with common case of slight time shifts.
  • 7-Feb-2010 - Added public/private box to enable sharing and browsing of log files.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's going on here?
    This web site allows you to upload log files generated by the Condor distributed computing system, and get back graphics and an explanation of what happened in the system. This can aid in understanding a workload of hundreds or thousands of jobs. Here is an example of the output.

  • How do I create a user log file?
    Add this line to your Condor submit file: log = userlog.txt before submitting your jobs. If you have multiple logs, cat them together, and then upload the combined file.

  • Why are you doing this?
    We are constructing new tools that help people to debug distributed systems. The problem is, we need lots of log data to test our ideas on. So, if you upload your log files, you get (we hope) a useful result, and we get more data to practice on.

  • Will others be able to see my data?
    If you select "public", then your results will be listed in the recent results page for anyone to browse. If you select "private", then your results will only be accessible via a unique URL derived from a checksum of your data. You can keep the URL private or share it with only select friends.

  • Can I download graphics and logs to use in my own papers, presentations, etc?
    Yes, go right ahead. We would appreciate it if you give us a credit with the following citation: Douglas Thain, David Cieslak, and Nitesh Chawla, "Condor Log Analyzer", http://condorlog.cse.nd.edu, 2009.

  • How can I upload log files programmatically?
    Download this simple script (condor_log_upload), which will upload a log file for you, and then print out the URL at which it can be accessed. (Make sure to chmod 755 condor_log_upload so that it is properly executable.)